Kitchen remodeling is not cheap. Some remodeling magazines estimate it at around $56,768. It can even go higher depending on the size and the condition of your kitchen.  Therefore, you do not want to make mistakes. You can make so many errors in bathroom remodeling. However, some are costly while other mistakes are cheap.  You do not want to make a mistake that would cost you hire. According to Fineline Kitchens Inc, below are some of the topmost costly kitchen remodeling mistakes you should avoid when renovating your kitchen.

Picking style over function

Picking a design with style in mind is cool.  You should, in fact, have a model with a style whether you are remodeling for resale or your pleasure. However, always consider whether the appliances you pick work perfectly in your kitchen. Consider whether that stainless steel smart fridge you desire will function in your kitchen space. It is simple to end up overlooking the fact that your kitchen is a working zone.  If you have insufficient space in your kitchen, you may experience a miserable in the process of cocking. To avoid this mistake, you should design your kitchen with function in mind. You should hire a planner or an expert to help you plot design and workflow before the project begins.  Is the positioning of your stove proper? Do you have enough counter space? Do you require more storage space? You should ask yourself such question before you begin palming. Some people start with considering whether they want a traditional or contemporary kitchen design, which is wrong. Always keep in mind that Functional design hinges on your kitchen usage.

Not planning for the major appliances

Among all the topmost costly kitchen remodeling mistakes, planning is the worst. Ensure you are sure about all the measurements of the primary devices before you begin the renovation process. These are the sink, fridge oven, and the stove.  This is more significant if you are altering the layout or changing the kitchen cabinets.

The reason behind is, if your present appliances do not fit the new kitchen design, you will be forced to get new appliances. For example, maybe the sink or the oven is extra-large you will have to get new ones or work on the project gain from the begging. The two options are very costly. To avoid this, you should measure all the appliances perfectly before you begin the project. Besides, you have to decide whether you want new appliances or you want to keep the existing ones. After the decision, call in your interior designer or the contractor to embark on the project.

Installing your kitchen cabinets

Installing the kitchen cabinets alone is among the topmost costly kitchen remodeling mistakes. Having a DIY project is not bad. Infect it helps you save a lot, but it is the highest risk ever to take. Particularly if you are not a specialist, this risk is bad. Cabinets must be at the same level with the wall to evade troubles of with the countertops.   Therefore, if you are not a professional, do not try to do it.  The only thing you should consider doing on yourself is filling the gaps in case the cabinets are crooked. Anything beyond repair should involve a professional.  To avoid this mistake, you should get a professional remodeler custom cabinetmaker to remodel your kitchen.


In conclusion, the topmost costly kitchen remodeling mistakes are dangerous and they can easily break your bank. You must ensure you keep away from them.  They may cost you higher than you can ever imagine.