Our "Fine" Designers

Working with Our "Fine" Designers

Bring Your Ideas to Life by Partnering with a our FineLine Design Professional

Considering the number of elements involved and the coordination required, planning a kitchen or bathroom can feel daunting.

  • Where does one begin?

  • Why not seek guidance from an individual who has made it their life’s work to design exceptional spaces?

Our FineLine kitchen and bathroom designers are not only your consultants but your guide, your project organizers, and partners. Our ideal designers teaches you cabinetry basics and explains the pros and cons of different styles in detail. They assist you in sifting through information that, at times, can seem never-ending, and pinpoint features and benefits that best suit your needs. Most importantly, they help strike the perfect balance between design and function, durable high-quality materials and budgetary limits. FineLine Cabinetry designers are an asset, saving you time, money, and guesswork throughout your project. They open up possibilities within your room, that perhaps you never thought possible!

Choosing our FineLine Designers

When choosing FineLine Kitchens Inc., you are not only selecting  experience and versatility, you are also getting a professional you can trust to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information, so you can tackle decision-making with confidence.
Because we will be your partners in this project in the weeks or months to come, We as  your designers will unconditionally offer our time, expertise, and a fresh approach to your space.

Working with our Fine Designers:

Whether you are interested in achieving Zen in your bathroom, or beautifying the heart of your home – the kitchen – careful thought and planning are key. You’ve been anticipating this moment for quite some time; it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started.
When meeting with our designers for the first time, it helps bring your ideas and specific needs to the table:

  • You likely have a wish list or, at the very least, an idea of how you would like your new space to look and function. It helps to sit down and record everything you can think of.

  • Retaining magazine clippings, colour chips, and other samples of items you like is also helpful. Visit our gallery for inspiration and save your ideas in our Uniquely Yours project planner.

  • Bring a floor plan that you have sketched to familiarize your designer with the size and shape of your space.

  • Sharing photos of your space is also helpful.

  • Conduct a quick inventory of the items you store in your kitchen or bathroom ensures that you can account for their storage when planning the new space.

  • Explain to us how you hope your new cabinetry will complement or contrast with the rest of your home.

  • Share what you enjoy most about your existing space, and what just doesn’t work for you.

  • Consider how you use the room you are renovating, and additionally how you wish to use the space. Would you like to incorporate a space for personal technology, a second sink for prep, a location for your cookbooks, or lowered counter surface specifically for baking? Do you have a large family to accommodate, any family members with special needs, or a pet? Do one or two individuals usually cook a meal?

  • Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns if you have any. Our designers are happy to answer your questions and address any issues.

Bring your vision to our savvy Fine Design professionals and be amazed at how quickly your dreams materialize!

FineLine Kitchens has carefully selected qualified and knowledgeable designers to offer cabinetry to you. Bring your vision to our savvy Fine Design Professionals and be amazed at how quickly your dreams materialize!