Our Fine Team Of Managers

Just for you

Our talented, creative and experienced designers work closely with you to provide a variety of options for your unique space.
With a mind focused on your budget, and  virtually unlimited selection of finishes, materials and door styles, we are able to perfectly accommodate your tastes and needs.
Using advance computer software, perfect for customization, our 3D program utilized by our talented designers,  allows us to present plans and 3D renderings to help you visualize your new future space.
Our designers would cater to you multiple suggestions based on your prefered style, functionality, storage and last but not least, your budget.​
At FineLine Kitchens Inc., we also believe that various important elements and concerns that you bring along when meeting with us, play an important role in the style and function of your kitchen.
Starting with rock solid integrity and true value, we are pleased to begin this Fine experience with you, we promise you a memorable experience unlike any other.
Our design team will work with you closely to create the perfect custom manufactured cabinetry, just for you.


Aiman - President


Sarah - Design Executive


Dwain - Chief Operations Manager


Our design team will work with you closely to create the perfect custom manufactured cabinetry, just for you


It all begins with understanding your needs and goals. This is the role of our project developers.


Design is much more than creating attractive projects. It's the timing, scalability and functional aspects of your space.


Quality builders is at the core of every remodeling project we perform.
And it all starts with our team of professional craftsmen.


Our design specialists are here to help you get started.