Everyone has been around countertops since childhood. Few decades age, laminate countertops were the best. You could find it in almost every home. However, this is not the case today; there are many kitchen countertop options for green living. These countertops give you a fantastic experience and as well add elegance to your kitchen. According to FineLine Kitchens Inc, these are the best countertops you should consider for your remodeling project.

Recycled paper

The recycled paper countertops are also called rich lite. The countertops are made of recycled paper. These papers are compressed into a hard surface, which can withstand moisture.  These countertops are solid. Infect some people uses it to as exterior siding products. When these products came to the market as countertops, people could not accept.  Many people thought that papers and water could not work together.  However, with time, people begun accepting it. Today it is the top option for many homeowners. It is the most preferred kitchen countertop options for green living. However, these countertops are unique. With a professional, you can get a dream kitchen after the renovation.

Recycled glass

The Recycled glass makes the qualifications of a green countertop but can sometimes be a controversial addition.  The Recycled glass is unique. They are made out of post-consumer waste combined with either cement or polymer binders.  They are robust and hold well in the kitchen.  The incredible thing about them is that they do not require any maintenance and do not require sealing.  The controversy over recycled glass countertops is because it has a lot to do with energy amount and greenhouse gasses release when making the concrete.   This is the same concrete used when manufacturing countertop applications.


Stainless steel

Among all the kitchen countertop options for green living, stainless steel is the most considered. At first sight, you may think that the stainless is not in the class of green countertops. Besides, with the current ecological controversy on mining, you would think it is not an environmental choice for countertops. However, the stainless countertops are made of post-consumer surplus that is ecological choices.  Stainless steel gives excellent countertops that do not require any maintenance. Many people embrace it since it is known to last longer. This countertop is easy to clean, and it is not sticky. Besides, this countertop is sturdy and do not break easily.


Bamboo is not wood as some as many people think. It is more of lawn that grows in particular part of the world. They are renewable and make a high countertop.  The countertops from bamboo do not hold heat but require more care than the other countertops.  Many people are yet to embrace this countertop especially the ones with small kids.  Even though it requires significant attention, it cannot break easily. If you take care of it well, it can last for years. With this countertop, do not try to install it on yourself. A simple mistake can harm the entire project. You should get an experienced remodeler or countertop expert to do your countertops.



In conclusion, the above kitchen countertop options for green living are great. Many people are considering them during remodeling unlike in the past. You also do not want to live in the past. However, these are not the only green countertop, but these are the best in the market. The countertops can transform your kitchen and make them look your kitchen look vividly. Remember failure to plan for the major appliances in kitchen remodeling can result in the occurrence of at least one of the topmost costly kitchen remodeling mistakes. These mistakes can break your bank account, and you do not want to spend more than you want.